Management Committee

Rector & Manager:
Dr. Fr.Mathew Kapplikunnel SDB

Rev. Fr. Geo Kalladanthyll SDB

Rev.Fr. Joby Sebastian SDB

Dr. Fr. C.M Joseph Cherukunnel SDB

Rev. Fr George Kappan SDB

Parent Teacher Association

The School has a very active PTA. The support and collaboration extended by the PTA contributes greatly to the welfare of the students and the institution. Opportunities are also provided at regular intervals for interaction between the Teachers and the Parents for the optimum follow up of the students. The cordial relationship that exists between the management, staff, parents and students is definitely a big boost to the overall progress of the School.

The PTA Executive
Rector & Manager: Fr. Mathew Kapplikunnel SDB

Principal: Fr. Geo Kalladanthyil SDB

Administrator: Fr. Joby Mattappally SDB

President: Mr. Tojo Mathew

Vice-President: Mr. Byju Francis

Mother PTA: Ms Judy James

Joint Secretary: Ms. Swapna Narayanankutty

Mr. Francy Antony
Mr. Martin Antony
Mr. K. Sekharan
Mr. K. G. Joshua
Mr. Jenny Thomas
Mr. Ajee John Joseph
Mrs. Soba Saseendran
Mrs. Sheeja Mukundan


Fr. Geo Kalladanthyil
M.A, M.Sc, M.Ed.- English & Psychology

Teaching Staff

Higher Secondary:

  1. Litty. P. George M.Sc B.Ed. Botany
  2. Usha. P. P. M.A  B.Ed. Hindi
  3. Bindu. I M.Sc B.Ed. Zoology
  4. Lattisha. O. J M.A  B.Ed. English
  5. Sumini. U M.A  B.Ed. Malayalam
  6. Sajeev. M. K M.Sc B.Ed. Mathematics
  7. Siji Tharayil M.Sc., B.Ed, Chemistry
  8. Rakesh S. R. M.Sc., B.Ed, Physics
  9. Neena Davis M.Sc B.Ed. Physics
  10. Suchala. K B.Sc., MCA
  11. Anjali P. Mohanan M.A  B.Ed. English
  12. Rose Mary V. J M.Sc B.Ed. Mathematics
  13. Sowmya James. A M.Sc B.Ed. Chemistry

High School:

1. Thomas C. J B.A .,B.Ed. English
2. T. C. Francis B.Sc.,B.Ed. Biology
3. Jyothi Babu M.A.,B.Ed. Malayalam
4. Sunny. M. Panthackal B.Sc .,PGDCA Comp.Science
5. Sebastian. N. K M.Sc.,B.Ed. Mathematics
6. Sheeba. T. P B.A.,B.Ed. Malayalam
7. Swapna Narayanankutty B.Sc.,B.Ed. Physics
8. Honey Antony B.A.,B.Ed. Hindi
9. Usha Mary B.Sc.,B.Ed. Mathematics
10. Yeshudas A  A M.A.,B.Ed.,SET English & Social
11. Bijitha Vincent M.P.Ed P.E.T
12. Femin Ukken M.A.,M.Ed. Social Science
13. Reshma. R DCE Comp. Science
14. Jojimol Shaju B.A.,B.Ed. Hindi
15. Anitha Paul B.Sc.,B.Ed. Physics
16. Renuka M.Sc.,B.Ed Chemistry
17. Joseph Thomas B.A.,B.Ed. Social Science
18. Jolly Chacko M.A.,B.Ed. Malayalam
19. Preetha. P Dpl(Classical.Dance) Dance
20. Anu Chungath B.A.,B.Ed. Social Science
21. Shalet Shibu B.Sc.,B.Ed. Basic Science
22. Rinu C.T B.A.,B.Ed. Malayalam
23. Asha Jerine M.A.,B.Ed. Social Science
24. Sonia Anni Varghese B.Sc.,B.Ed. Mathematics
25. Lizzy L. Kavalakkat M.A.,B.Ed.SET English
26. Priya Bhaskaran K M.A.,B.Ed. Malayalam
27. Vinu Peter B.Sc.,B.P.Ed P.E.T
28. Manjusha.C B.A.,B.Ed. English
29. Praveena Vincent M.Sc.,M.Phil (Psy) Counselling

Non-Teaching Staff
Office Assistant: Leena Biju
Senior Clerk: Johny Joseph
Junior Clerk: Molly T. D.

Lab. Assistant & Junior Office Assistant: Jimmy. M.I.
Librarian: Josephine J.Chungath
Lab. Assistant & Office Assistant: Bindu Ponnu
Messenger & Junior Office Assistant: Joby Thomas

House Keeping: Sheela Denny,Mini Joy, Lathika N. B., Jasmi James


The School has a very active body of Past pupils. Every student is offered membership in the Association as they pass out of the school. The Alumni meet officially once a year for the AGM, while the Executive Committee meets once a month to plan and carry out various activities.

Office Bearers of Don Bosco Alumni:-
President: Mr. Sony Chemmanoor
Secretary: Mr. John Paul
Treasurer: Mr. Denny Xavier

  • Feast of Don Bosco to be celebrated on 31st January 1916 and 1 Feb 16
    The feast of Don Bosco will ...
  • Annual Day- Friday 5th February, 2016, 5:00 PM
    Annual Day and Parents' Day ...

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