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John Bosco (Italian: Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco; 16 August 1815 – 31 January 1888), popularly known as Don Bosco, was an Italian Roman Catholic priest of the Latin Church, educator and writer of the 19th century. While working in Turin, where the population suffered many of the effects of industrialization and urbanization, he dedicated his life to the betterment and education of street children, juvenile delinquents, and other disadvantaged youth. He developed teaching methods based on love rather than punishment, a method that became known as the Salesian Preventive System. A follower of the spirituality and philosophy of Saint Francis de Sales, Bosco dedicated his works to him when he founded the Salesians of Don Bosco, based in Turin. Together with Maria Domenica Mazzarello, he founded the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, a religious congregation of nuns dedicated to the care and education of poor girls.
In 1876 Bosco founded a movement of laity, the Association of Salesian Cooperators, with the same educational mission to the poor. In 1875 he began to publish the Salesian Bulletin. The Bulletin has remained in continuous publication, and is currently published in 50 different editions and 30 languages
Bosco established a network of organizations and centres to carry on his work. Following his posthumous beatification in 1929, he was canonized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Pius XI in 1934.


The total development of young students, in academic excellence, as well as in the acquisition of social consciousness of rights and responsibilities, integrating spiritual, ethical, cultural and political values, following the educative system of Don Bosco, based on reason religion and loving kindness, and in collaboration with the educators, parents and people of good will. Indeed, Don Bosco School stands for the integral development of the student, that is, to help to develop the student's Spirit, Mind and Body.

Spirit: To bring out the best in the student by fostering a loving relationship with God, self and neighbour.
Mind: To foster creativity and responsible use of one's gifts and co-responsibility for a better world
Body: Physical fitness through sports, games and healthy living.

          We, the Salesians of Don Bosco, inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and fundamental human values, following the educative system of Don Bosco, commit ourselves to the creation of an educated, ethical, and prosperous society where equality, freedom and fraternity reign, by imparting to young students an education that promotes integral human development.

           “Virtue and Learning”

School Emblem:
          The School Emblem consists of a pair of olive branches in the form of a crown with a star at the top and the school motto at the bottom. The crown is placed around the school’s name Don Bosco. It represents the vision of the school, to develop in the young students good values along with academic excellence, in the footsteps of Don Bosco, our founder.


Don Bosco Higher secondary School is run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, of the Province of Bangalore. We follow the preventive system of St. John Bosco, our founder. The preventive system is based on reason, religion and above all loving kindness. It brings together educators and youngsters in a family experience of trust and dialogue. Our School is a Catholic Minority School with all the privileges that accrue from it. It is recognized by the Kerala Educational Department.
The management Committee of Don Bosco Mannuthy constitutes:

Rector and Manager:
Fr. Mathew Kapplikunnel SDB

Fr. Geo Kalladanthiyil SDB

Dean of Studies-DB Bhavan:
Fr. Biju Kalapurayil SDB

Rev.Fr. Joby Mattappallil SDB

Dr. Fr. Joseph Cherukunnel SDB

Rev. Fr.Biju Kalapurackal SDB


The seeds of learning and education were planted in Mannuthy in 1971, with 33 students in Class VIII of Don Bosco High School. The School leaves no stone unturned in building dreams and shapinglives if youngsters moment by moment, day by day and year by year.

Milestones of Don Bosco High School

  • 1971: Don Bosco High School started.
  • 1974: First S.S.L.C batch appeared.
  • 1976: Don Bosco Chapel was blessed.
  • 1979: Visit of the Rector Major Rev. Fr. Egidio Viganò.
  • 1982: New Library and Lab built.
  • 1988: Centenary Auditorium constructed.
  • 1995: Don Bosco L. P. School started.
  • 1996: Don Bosco High School celebrated Silver Jubilee.
  • 1999: Don Bosco High School 2nd Floor built.
  • 2001: All Kerala Football Tournament for High School students started as a joint venture of the PTA and DBHSS Alumni.
  • 2002: HSS Plus Two section started.
  • 2003: National Boscoree conducted.

Salesians of Don Bosco:
The Salesians of Don Bosco, formally known as The Society of St. Francis de Sales, is founded by Don Bosco, a Catholic Saint and Educationist known the world over as “the Friend of Youth”.
As an international organization of men dedicated full time to the service of young people, the Salesians of Don Bosco focus all its initiatives on ‘Youth Resource Development’, believing that its total dedication to the holistic education of young people is the best gift to humanity today for a better world tomorrow.
With its headquarters in Rome, Salesians of Don Bosco is spread over 131 countries. Through a global network of educational and social service organizations which include 15 universities, 58 institutions of higher education and thousands of schools and social development centres, it currently caters to over fifteen million young people the world over. Today, the Salesian Family boasts of nearly 402,500 members in the service of young people.
The Salesians of Don Bosco also enjoys special consultancy status at the United Nations and is recognized by the Government of India as the largest non-governmental provider of technical education in the country.

Educational System:
St. John Bosco was an exceptional educator. His acute intelligence, common sense and profound spirituality led him to create a system of education that develops the whole person - body, heart, mind and spirit. It enhances growth and freedom while putting the child at the centre of the whole educational enterprise.
To distinguish his method from the repressive system of education prevalent in 19th century Italy, he called his own method the ‘preventive’ system – because it seeks to prevent the need for punishment by placing the child in an environment in which he/she is encouraged to be the best one can be. It is a congenial, friendly and holistic approach to education.
It creates a climate that ‘draws forth’ (educere) the best in the child, that encourages the child’s complete and fullest self-expression, that assists young people in acquiring habits that will lead them to opt in favour of what is good, healthy, joyful and life-enhancing.

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